Bursting Strength – the pressure required to break through a board, used as an important measure of the strength of paper, paperboard or fiber board.

Corrugated Board – a sheet of container board that has passed through a corrugating machine, receiving a number of corrugations.

Inside Dimensions – the inner measurement of length, width, and depth (or height) of containers, usually expressed in that order.

Flute (or Corrugation) – one of the undulations on a corrugated board.

Joint – the point where two parts of a container are joined or put together.

Lamination – to overlay or build up in thin sheets or layers.

Liner – container board that is used as an inner or outer facing in the manufacture of corrugated board

Medium – the corrugated board used for the fluted or corrugated component of corrugated fibreboard.

Panel – a face or side of a box.

Score – an impression or a crease in corrugated or solid fibreboard to facilitate folding.